The most important decision to make before searching for NQT jobs

If you are a Newly Qualified Teacher congratulations! You’re ready to take the next step towards your career. But what will that step be?

The market place is changing – fast. It used to be that NQTs would apply for long term or permanent posts to start an induction programme. But now, with teacher shortages a real issue, the pressure that was originally on your shoulders to find posts is suddenly shifting to schools.

Supply is an excellent way of getting your toe in the door of lots of schools to show them what you can do… while deciding if they offer you an environment you feel you would fit into and enjoy. It gives you the flexibility to decide where and when you work, and it broadens your experience. It’s the perfect way to bridge the gulf between university life and the realities of full time teaching.

Many NQTs today use supply as a first choice, so they can ‘play the field’ in this way before they commit to a school. Others are using it to avoid having to ’cold sell’ themselves at interview, preferring the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to a potential employer.

If you decide to take this path, make sure you pick an agency which is not just in it for a quick buck. What you need to find is an agency which has old-fashioned professional standards and is as committed to getting your career off to a flying start as you are. They are as scarce as blackboards and chalk.

At Connex, while we make no apology for being a commercial organisation which makes a profit from educational recruitment, we have made 5 absolute promises to our schools and our staff on how we go about that business. These are:

0.We promise to put you, not profit, first.
0.We promise to bend over backwards to support you
0.We promise to keep safeguarding as our highest priority
0.We promise to make working with us an absolute pleasure
0.We promise if there are any problems, we’ll address them at once.

It’s a big speech. But if you are still not sure, maybe our own staff’s words can convince you…

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Georgia, Primary PGCE, 2014 Graduate: “Connex gives you more confidence teaching in all age groups before getting a permanent role. The staff are really professional and friendly.”

Amy, BA Hons, Primary Education with QTS, 2011 Graduate:  “Whilst with Connex I received work every week in a variety of classroom settings which allowed me to develop as a teacher. They are constantly phoning schools to get their teachers work everyday. I would recommend working for Connex to any graduate who hasn’t secured a job when they leave university.”

1506335767376&width=218&name=bird%202%20no%20br-2.png” alt=”bird 2 no br-2.png” width=”218″ />Lisa-Marie, Primary PGCE, 2014 Graduate: “My final PGCE placement school recommended Connex and I am so glad they did. My consultant is friendly and supportive and it has been great to have the flexibility to choose my own hours and to broaden my teaching experience. I would recommend Connex to anyone who is looking for the first step on the ladder to a career in teaching.”

We really, REALLY hope you choose Connex – for your sake as much as ours. The amount of nurture and support we offer to our NQTs is unparalleled. When you join us, we’ll get to know you inside out and give you 1:1 support while you find your feet. We’ll discover what makes you special, coach you on how to succeed at interview and in the classroom and promote you to potential employers.

We’ll also give you free up-to-the-minute Safeguarding training (we even train all our office staff in Safeguarding as well as our candidates), and we support you on behaviour management techniques and other classroom skills will also be provided.

If all this sounds appealing, ask yourself the following question – and then get in touch for a chat.

Q: Do I want to be guided, supported, valued and paid well while I find my feet in teaching?

A: Then, if you are currently searching for NQT jobs, click here to find out more about kick-starting your future today, or call us on: 0845 266 0650.