Our annual summer event was a knockout!

For the annual summer event, Connex decided to go to all lengths and compete in its very own ‘It’s A Knockout’ competition!

The team was absolutely buzzing as they headed to IM Marsh Campus at John Moore’s University, where they went head to head in a number of challenging activities to compete for a place on the podium in the Mersey Games.

The activities included:

The Derby – A wrestling match in hilarious sumo suits!

The Grand National – A very exciting inflatable horse hopper down a custom-made1308501065841918_6517032090328339051_o.jpg?t=1506335767376&width=252&name=13717235_1308501065841918_6517032090328339051_o.jpg” alt=”13717235_1308501065841918_6517032090328339051_o.jpg” width=”252″ /> race track!

Bungee run – A bungee cord tied to your waist that pulls you back the further you run!

Shoe sling – Throwing shoes in to tyres for points!

The Scouse Duel – Employees had to battle each other on a narrow podium with custom made pugil sticks!

You’ll Never Walk Alone – A multi-legged race over tyres between teams!

The Mersey Shower – A nominee from each team would undergo a breath-taking ice bucket session!

The Limbo – How low can you go – underneath the limbo pole!

Tug of War – A good old battle of strength and determination, and a big, heavy rope…

Dizzy Bowling – Place your head on to a pole and spin, then…bowl down the pins at the end!

The day started out with each team taking their places on a selected activity and rotating throughout the afternoon. Each person took part in a number of duels and
embarrassingly funny tasks.

Highlights from the day included a gladiator battle to the death (or not quite) Nottingham’s Craig and Jonathon, a match that will be remembered for the ages. What a classic David and Goliath event (History repeated itself – David won again)!

Birmingham’s Amy and Liverpool’s Ant took to the mats in their sumo suits in what I’m told was a perfectly matched battle (Ant didn’t stand a chance).

Liverpool’s Mark Birchall (Who is 6ft4 by the way!) gave a stunning performance during the limbo! I don’t need to say much more, I’ll just include this photo…

East Midlands branch manager Chris took a bit of a tumble in the multi-legged race…Jonathon was in such a hurry to win, he took everybody else with him! Poor Chris ended up in a full split position while the rest tried to sort their differences!

Head of Safeguarding and Development Mark’s valiant attempt at the Grand National ended in a full 360 tumble on to the ground…hope your face isn’t too sore, Mark!

But throughout each event, the employee who shone through was of course our
winner of the Mersey Games, Neb, from the Merseyside branch! Neb absolutely
smashed each activity, although he took his fair share of beats from Ben on the gladiator’s podium!

Speaking about the event, a few members from the Connex family had this to say:

“The Mersey Games was the perfect event for Connex! It was competitive with bags of fun thrown in. Everyone enjoyed all of the events and we all got stuck into each one, especially the tug of war, which turned out to be quite a battle. There were certainly some aching bodies the next day! Great day had by all!” – Alex, BM Warrington and Cheshire branch

“The whole day was such a laugh! It was great to catch up with staff from the other offices and see everyone take part in the different activities!” – Shinear, Merseyside branch

“It was a great opportunity to get to know people that I’d only spoken to on the phone or by email before – putting a face to a name and completely embarrassing ourselves whilst doing so!” – Kristian, East  Midlands branch

“The variety of games was brilliant – all our employees were very enthusiastic, relaxed and appeared to fully enjoy the activities. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Roger, BM West Midlands

After an intense day of competition, the Connex family retired back to the Liverpool office for a hearty awards ceremony, where our employees were hailed for the success they faced throughout the year.

Resource consultant of the year went to Kristian at our East Midlands branch!

Consultant of the year went to Richard at our London branch!

Support Services Team Member of the year went to Jenni from Head Office!

Newcomer of the year went to Shinear at the Liverpool branch!

Branch of the year went to – Warrington and Cheshire! It was a phenomenal year for this branch, overachieving on their targets consistently, the most across the branch network!

Branch Manager of the year was awarded to Alex, from Warrington and Cheshire! Similar to the above, Alex led the Branch to fantastic success, achieving not just Branch of the Year but Branch of the Month most times. Alex is consistently looking to improve performance and staff engagement and has also provided assistance and shared successes across the branch network.

Employee of the year went to Mark! Connex have totally evolved over the course of this academic year and Mark, head of safeguarding and development, has been at the forefront of the vast majority of these changes, constantly seeking to ensure that we continuously improve the already first class service we provide. On a daily basis, he goes the extra mile – nothing is too much for Mark and this award is richly deserved.

2015-2016 has been a pivotal year for Connex – whilst growing the business, we have very firmly set the foundations in place for ongoing success for many years to come. Our provision is unique within the marketplace – we set out to be different from our competition and we have certainly achieved that!

I would like to say a big thank you to the Connex team and teaching staff for all their hard work this year; and of course the ever increasing number of clients who continue to help us grow our business.