The best supply teaching agencies know you inside out

When you have a job as demanding as teaching, the last thing you want is to deal with a consultant that doesn’t understand your needs. It’s not enough for supply teaching agencies to know your qualifications – a relationship must be developed, so that we can best match you with the right school.

And even though getting to know you inside out isn’t exactly in our job description, we like to go that extra mile anyway…

Our staff love working for us, our schools love working with us

We have hundreds of loyal schools, academies, nurseries and special education centres who use us weekly – many of them on an exclusive basis (so you won’t find their vacancies anywhere else).

We have terrific consultants, who want to listen to you. They take the time out of their day to find out exactly what you are looking for, so they can match you with the right work, but also the right setting, whether it’s day-to-day or long-term roles. Imagine!

What’s the benefit of getting to know my consultant?

Our consultants work hard to develop a positive working relationship with you, because they want to match you with the right schools. Whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary, we really look after you, and if there are any problems, we’ll address them at once. The more we know about you (and we try really hard to do this), the easier it is to match you to a role you’ll enjoy.

Why is Connex different?

Put simply, because we’re not like other supply teaching agencies…we are service-led, and committed to delivering for you, and our schools. here are just some of the pluses to working with Connex:

A supportive one-to-one consultant you can build a relationship with, and they will manage all your Connex worklife
Regular contact with your consultant, because we genuinely want to deliver excellent service
Professionally-written and presented personal profiles to give you the best advantage when you’re introduced to schools
A wide range of education settings to choose from
Work to suit your needs and requirements
Online timesheets
PAYE payroll – none of those payroll fee’s that are so common with other agencies
A unique choice of monthly or weekly pay
An online portal & easy-to-use app so you can sort your worklife on the go
Plenty of opportunities to broaden your experience
Free accredited Safeguarding training

If all of this is what you’re looking for, then why not pop into one of our branches for a quick chat? Or you can give us a quick call on: 0845 266 0650

Our door is always open…