The increasing demand for teachers in the UK

The increasing concern over teacher shortages in England is again hitting the headlines, as it was revealed the government failed to hit its recruitment targets over the last four years.

According to the figures revealed yesterday by the BBC, the rate of vacancies and temporarily filled positions doubled from 0.5% to 1.2%, and the Department for Education has come under scathing criticism from The National Audit Office, which says that ministers have a ‘weak understanding’ of local teacher shortages in the UK.

As reported by ITV, Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, spoke of the shortage: “Training a sufficient number of new teachers of the right quality is key to the success of all the money spent on England’s schools.

“The Department, however, has missed its recruitment targets for the last four years and there are signs that teacher shortages are growing.”

“Until the Department meets its targets and can show how its approach is improving trainee recruitment, quality and retention, we cannot conclude that the arrangements for training new teachers are value for money.”

Good staff are hard to find, and if the NAO is right (and we believe they are) that search is not going to get any easier for a long time to come. So at Connex, we are searching harder and rewarding even more generously, which is why our schools really appreciate us (In fact, most of our staff end up being requested by name – which is a bonus for them too if they are using supply to look for a long-term position).

If you know Connex, you’ll already know that we search for the best teachers and reject any who are not up to our standards. We believe in service before sales – so in our book “any bum on seat” is simply not good enough…

We go to great lengths to make sure the individual teaching a specific subject has the right qualifications in this area – and for real shortage subjects if we can’t do that we will suggest a candidate who is as close a match as possible and absolutely excellent in every other respect. We know how important it is for schools to find the best piece for their puzzle, just as we understand a supply teacher’s need for their agency to take the trouble to find them appropriate placements. And for their agency to have ethics to reward them properly for their work.

Nationally, there is a serious and growing staff shortage problem that has got to be addressed. In the meantime we can offer our service, staff and standards as a part of the solution – for our own clients at least.

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Mrs. S, Knowsley – “We have used Connex supply agency for a couple of years and have been very pleased with the servcie we have received from them, and their prices are very competitive.”

 “We have used Connex for long term supply, to cover maternity leave and we now use them for teaching assistant cover also, and we have been satisfied with the quality of staff provided.”

“We will continue to use Connex Education as our main supply agency staff and would be happy to recommend their services to other schools.”

Miss W, Liverpool – “Our school has been using Connex supply agency for over 9 years now and have developed an excellent working relationship with them. Their prices are very competitive.” 

“The staff assigned to us are very well presented and professional in their approach to both staff and pupils, which reflects on the standard of Teachers recruited by Connex. This is one of the main reasons we choose Connex as our main source of teaching supply staff.”