Job Locker opens its doors

The Job Locker platform has, this week, opened its doors to allow more companies to advertise on its platform.

With twenty companies already registered, collectively advertising around 1,500 jobs across the UK – the job board platform offers another route to prospective jobseekers for employers and recruiters alike. With its commitment to offering completely free basic advertising – forever – it’s a refreshing change from the multitude of other job boards that seem to be perpetually increasing their prices.

At this point in time, there is no CV database facility and no intention to make one available. But besides basic advertising, companies can also submit career-related blogs or news stories about their businesses for inclusion on the platform. Both of these functions are free for companies that are advertising jobs on the Job Locker platform.

So, if this all sounds intriguing and you want to get started – you can do so now by Posting a Job.